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Basic Single Stick Eskrima – VOL 2


Instructor Thomas SiAnd his son KelA fourth degree Doce Pares Eskrima black belt, will show you the basic techniques for single stick eskrima. These techniques include gripping, multiple strikAnd the classifications of strikes. The Sipins wAlso instruct on sAdvanced striAnd twirliAs wAs baAttacAbesedarAnd tapi-tapi. #SIPIND-V01 Intermediate Single StAnd Introduction to Double Stick Eskrima Expands on the basics of single stick eskrAnd introduces the basics of double stick eskrima. The double stick curriculum includes basic warm ups, striAnd twirliAnd arko with footwork. The Sipins complete this segment with instruction on double stAbesedario, ska-hulog, corto orihinAnd partner drilAPPROX. 42 min #SIPIND-V02 Eskrima Disarms, LocAnd Takedowns Learn to defend yourself from eskrAttacks with multiple defense techniques. These techniques include empty hand disarming, single stick disarming, striking with disarming, lockAbesedario wAnd without takedowns, snakiAnd live hand control. The SipAlso include variations of each technique to enable you to defend yourself fAny typeAttaAPPROX. 54 min #SIPIND-V03 Eskrima Trapping DriAnd Introduction to Controlled Sparring Introduces trapping driAnd controlled sparring. Includes stick trappAs wAs knife trapping. The Sipins then show you how to counAttacks with controlled sparring. These exercises include both trapping to sinAnd multiple counteAgain including variations for each technique A more enhanced instructiAPPROX. 48 min #SIPIND-V04 Introduction to StAnd Dagger Introduces eskrima stAnd dagger techniques. This video includes lessons on blockiAnAttacAbesedaAnd serra todo. The Sipins instruct on thAnd five coAbesedario driAlong with six coAbesedaAnd double three coAbesedarAPPROX. 51 min #SIPIND-V05

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