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Century Versys VS.2 Fight Simulator


DiscoA whole new way to train with the Century Versys VS.2 Fight Simulator. An in depth lAt this groundbreaking At: www.CenturyVersys.com.INSPIRA NEW FITNESS EXPERIENCE: The most VERsatile SYStem on the market, the Versys VS.2 Fight Simulator Ideally suited Aerobic conditioning, endurance, spAnd technique training. Tested by professional combat sport coaches, trainAnd instructors. Intelligent, simAnd effective. The VS.2 opensA whole new worldAll combat spoAnd fitnAthletes.The VS.2 is the first grappling simulator to stand uprightAllow for every upper or lower body takedown imaginable. The mixed martArtist, wrestler, juAnd Brazilian jiu-jiAthlete can perfA full range of combination takedowns or follow through to holArm bard, leg locAnd reversals. Perfect technique, build enduraAnd speed without having to perform drills wA partnAllows you to practice moves without exposA partner to the risk of injury.BENEFITS-Realistically practice nearly every grappling takedown withA partner, including: throws, hip tosses, leg sweeArm draAnkle picks, crotch lifts, sinAnd double-leg takedowns- Throw hand, elbow, knAnd foot combination strikes to upper, middAnd lower body while standing up or on the ground- Perform intricate partner exercises sAs under hooks, level changAnd groAnd poundFEATURES-LAnd aAre a sAnd flexible structural core A full flexibilAnd natural rebounding to original position- 40% lighter than traditional grappling dummies to safely train the broadAssortment of moves- Patented three leg structure is strategically weighted to stand upright- EasyAssemble, moAnd stAfter training- One-year replacement warrantyAll Versys??? Fight Simulators**SAssembly requiredUSA/ImportedSiApprox. 60??? TallWeigApprox. 50 LBSColor: Black/RedWarning: These produAre sold for use in high rActivities. Before using this product, rAll information

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