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Combat Sambo with Master Tony Lopez Series Titles – VOL 8


hen goes throA variety of techniques including blockAnd strikiAssorted And arm locks, plus self defeAnd ground fighting. Eleven volume titles to choose from. Volume 1: Total Body Workout Routine Teaches the complete fitness routine used by the World’s toughest sambo fighters. Each exercise is designed to build ultimate speed, powAgility, flexibility, reflexes, strength, balance, coordination, stamAnd moApprox. 60 min. #SAMBOD-001 Volume 2: BlockAnd Striking Techniques Learn the lethal hAnd foot strikes of Sambo in conjunction with it’s unique blocking techniques whAre taught standAnd when on the ground. Greatly increase self defense knowledApprox. 48 min. #SAMBOD-002 Volume 3: LAnAnd Foot Locks Shows how to quickly go for the legsApply excruciating joint locAlso teaches the secret escaAnd counter from these locApprox. 60 min. #SAMBOD-003 VolumeArmAnd Wrist Locks Shows numerArmAnd wrist lock techniques designed to contAnd destAn opponent. Learn how to easily sucAn attacker iAn armbar A quick victory, regardless of siAlso teaches the secret escAnd counters to thArmAnd wrist techniquApprox. 60 min. #SAMBOD-004 Volume 5: Leg LAnd Arm Lock Fighting Combinations Shows how to combine the leg lock techniques on Volume 3 with Arm locks on Volume 4 to create the most destructive grappling combinations ever witnessed. Learn how to completely dominAnd contAn opponent while learning to move from leg locksArm loAnd arm locks to leg locks with blinding speAlso features mAdvanced techniques not shown on VolumeAnd Volume 4Approx. 44 min. #SAMBOD-005 Volume 6: Chokes, HeadloAnd Neck Cranks Easily take out the biggAnd mAggressive opponent with these lethal sambo techniques. Shows how to quickly move insAn opponeAttack to finish him wA choke, headlock or neck craAlso shows the secret escapes from these deadly techniquApprox. 54 min. #SAMBOD-006 Volume 7: Throws, SweAnd Takedowns Instantly sAn attacker to the ground with the sensational throws, sweAnd take down techniques Russian sambo is famous for. Regardless of how or what directAn opponAttacks from, he can be taken to the ground with the techniqAnd strategies presented on this vidAlso shows the secret counter moAnd escaAgainst these techniquApprox. 60 min. #SAMBOD-007 Volume 8: Street Self Defense This dynamic video shows how combat sambo is used to defAnd counAgainst the most common strAttacks including; punches, kicks, lapel holds, colAnd wrist grabs, bear hugs, head locks, full nelson, ground fightiAnd moAlso shows how to disA gun, knife, or club wieldAttacker. This videoA must All MartArtisApprox. 60 min. #SAMBOD-008 Volume 9: Street Fighting Dirty TricA nasty video that shows how to A life or death street fight. The secret combat sambo techniques shown in this viAre the deadliest of the deadly when it comes to street survivApprox. 48 min. #SAMBOD-009 Volume 10: Defensive Ground Fighting This video shows how to own the ground. Includes never before seen techniques designed to defeat the best wrestlers, jAnd Brazilian fighters! Teaches how to defend, escape, counAnd apply reversAgaiAn opponeAttacks. Includes techniques for quickly defeating the Brazilian guAnd much moApprox. 53 min. #SAMBOD-010 Volume 11: Offensive Ground Fighting This important video shows how to dominAn opponent on the ground with superior combat sambo grappling techniques. IAll here including: guAnd mount positions, reversaArm

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