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Isshin Ryu Karate With Master Angi Uezu Series Titles – VOL 6


Ten titles to choose from. Volume 1: Isshin Ryu Fundamentals Stances, blocks, punches, kiAnd conditioniApprox. 60 min. #ISHINDV-001 Volume 2: Isshin Ryu Katas Volume 1 Seisan. Seiunchin. NaihancApprox. 56 min. #ISHINDV-002 Volume 3: Isshin Ryu Katas Volume 2 Wansu. Chinto. SanchApprox. 58 min. #ISHINDV-003 Volume 4: Isshin Ryu Katas Volume 3 Kusunku. SunApprox. 60 min. #ISHINDV-004 Volume 5: Isshin Ryu Bo Katas Tokumine No Kun Bo. Urashi Bo. Shishi No Kun No Dai Approx. 58 min. #ISHINDV-005 Volume 6: Isshin Ryu Sai Katas Kusunku Sai. Chatanyara Sai. Bo Sai kumiApprox. 60 min. #ISHINDV-006 Volume 7: Isshin Ryu Sparring This video teaches the best techniques of Isshin Ryu, taughtA True MastApprox. 52 min. #ISHINDV-007 Volume 8: Isshin Ryu Self Defense Volume 1 In this volume learnApply Isshin Ryu Karate techniques to the streAllowing to protect yourselfAny situatiApprox. 48 min. #ISHINDV-008 Volume 9: Isshin Ryu Self Defense VolumeApprox. 53 min. #ISHINDV-009 Volume 10: Isshin Ryu History ProviAn in depth lAt the history of Isshin Ryu, taught fA true mastApprox. 60 min. #ISHINDV-010

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