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Karate with Bill SuperFoot Wallace – VOL 3


Super Stretching & Conditioning Improve flexibility. BuAgility, speed & powApprox. 57 min. #W-1 Super Kicking Techniques Kick over, underAround blocks. 2 full contact title fighApprox. 58 min. #W-2 Super Point Sparring Techniques & Fight Strategy Offensive/defensive. EnduranApprox. 84 min. #W-3 Self Defense System UniApproach. Easy to learn no nonsense systApprox. 57 min. #W-4 LifestoryA Karate Superstar: Bill Wallace Kicking style. Training. Greatest fights. What it takes to becA World ChampiApprox. 50 min. #W-5 Power Fighting Vol. 1 Footwork. Stances. Punches. Kicks. TrainiApprox. 57 min. #W-6 Power Fighting Vol.Advanced full contact fighting combApprox. 57 min. #W-7 Challenge Match Full contact fighting combos tMade him Undefeated World Full Contact ChampiApprox. 57 min. #W-8 Total Body Workout Flexibility exercises. Calisthenics. Weight training. Much moApprox. 48 min. #W-Advanced Stretching, Leg Strengthening Exercises Improve flexibility/kicking skilAdd tremendous power to kicAvoid injuriApprox. 48 min. #W-10 Over 40 Fitness Workout Pushups. Crunches. Curls. Triceps. Chest. Back. LeApprox. 52 min. #W-11 Takedowns & Counters Double/single leg. Fireman’s carry. Pancake. ReverApprox. 52 min. #W-12 TakedoAgainst Punches CounAnd An opponent on the mat in seconA must have for winnAny street figApprox. 38 min. #W-13 TakedoAgainst KickAttacks Front kicks. Roundhouse kicks. Side kicks. Spinning hook kicks. Jump kicApprox. 45 min. #W-14 Creating Ultimate Striking Speed Develop blinding kicking/punching speed. Learn the secrets of developing exceptional spAnd powApprox. 41 min. #W-15.

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