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Master Robert Bussey’s Ninjutsu Series Titles – VOL 4


Eight titles to choose from. Ninja Combat Tactics Volume 1 Stretching, conditioning, break falls, kiAnd punchApprox. 55 min. #NJAD-001 Ninja Combat Tactics Volume 2 Stealth, underwater evasion, trap constructAnd camouflage techniques. Much morApprox. 55 min. #NJAD-002 Ninja Combat Tactics Volume 3 Teaches oA hundred dynamic Ninjutsu hand to hand fighting techniquA must for everyoApprox. 56 min. #NJAD-007 Ninja Weapons Tactics Volume 1 Hanbo (4 foot staff). Bo (6 foot staff). Yawara (Palm SticApprox. 55 min. #NJAD-003 Ninja Weapons Tactics Volume 2 Tekagi (tiger claws). Shuriken (throwing stars). Ninja Blow GApprox. 55 min. #NJAD-004 Ninja Weapons Tactics Volume 3 Sword. Fighting Ninja Net. Survival rope climbiApprox. 60 min. #NJAD-005 Ninja Weapons Tactics Volume 4 Ninjutsu Knife Fighting. DefeAgainst AttacApprox. 56 min. #NJAD-006 Ninja Man Exclusive Video Interview Meet World renowned Ninjutsu Master Robert Bussey up close in this exclusive video interviApprox. 38 min. #NJAD-008

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