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Nishiuchi’s Traditional Okinawan Kobudo Weaponry Series Titles – VOL 9


Shihan Nishiuchi explaAnd demonstrates basic theory, exercises, techniques, driAnd authentic katasA wide variety of traditional Okinawan weapons. Eleven titles to choose from. Volume 1: Mastering the Tonfa This volume explaAnd demonstrates basic theory, exercises, techniques, driAnd authentic Tonfa KaApprox. 58 min. #KOBUDOD-001 Volume 2: Mastering the Oar The baApplications of the iyeku, the oar, including the sand thAnd a rare 600 year old kata, Tsuken-Aka-Chu-No-Iyuke-Approx. 50 min. #KOBUDOD-002 Volume 3: Mastering the Kama The basic exercises, blocAttacks, cutting techniqAnd catchingAn opponent’s weapoAlso the little known Ko-Bu-Ni-Cho-Gama, two sickle, kata is shoApprox. 75 min. #KOBUDOD-003 Volume 4: Mastering the Nunchakus IncluAre exercises with the nunchaku, basic moves, chokes, take doAnd two special KatApprox. 105 min. #KOBUDOD-004 Volume 5: Mastering the Sai Demonstrates exercises with the sai, including basics, drills, throwAnd catching techniqAnd how to disaAn opponent’s weapons. Includes the famous two And three sai katApprox. 95 min. #KOBUDOD-005 Volume 6: Mastering the Bo Volume 1 Learn the most fundamenAnd important techniques needed to learn the bo. The original version of the fiAnd most popular bo kataAll time, Shu-Shi-No-Kon is demostratApprox. 95 min. #KOBUDOD-006 Volume 7: Mastering the Bo Volume 2 Shows very practicalAppliations, including mAdvanced techniqAnd the three famous katas Cho-Un-No-Kon, Saku-Gawa-No-KAnd Tsu-Ken-No-Kon in their original forApprox. 80 min. #KOBUDOD-007 Volume 8: Mastering the Hoe (Kuwa) This simple Okinawan farmer tool changesA powerful weapA rare kata, Matayo-Shi-No-Kuwa-Nu-De,Also shown. The hoe is one of the Okinawan kobudo weapons which is little known, eAmong the Okinawans. For the first time ever, thAncient secret techniqAre revealApprox. 50 min. #KOBUDOD-008 Volume 9: Mastering the Nunti This weapon is normally used with two manji Sai. Shows the rare nunti kata, Matayoshi-No-Nunti, basiAnd advanced techniqAgaiAn opponAttacking wA variety of weapons. This unique weapon was featured in the movie Karate Kid IApprox. 50 min. #KOBUDOD-009 Volume 10: Mastering the Timbei (ShiAnd Sword) This is one of the Okinawan weapons which was influenced by the Chinese, since Okinawa is located close to mainland China. This set of weapons incluA shiAnd a sword or hand held spear calA Rochin. Matayoshi-No-Timbei kata is shown. It is enlightenAnd interesting to know how Ancient people fought with these weapAnd then learn how to handle thApprox. 57 min. #KOBUDOD-010 Volume 11: Mastering the Suruchin (Whip Rope) The Okinawan fisherman simply tied two rocks together wA shuro (hemp) rAnd used tAs a powerful self defense weapon. This weapon is one of the most difficult weapons to master, but is very effective once mastered. Shows how to use this weapon step by step without getting hit. This weapon is especially And challengiApprox. 51 min. #KOBUDOD-011

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