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Randy Couture: Learn To Fight and Win Series Titles – VOL 1


Volume 1: Special Tactics Includes effective collar tAnd powerful strikApprox. 30 min. #189100D Volume 2: Clinch Take Downs From The Dominant Position Duck under, slide by, foot sweep, double under hook sweep, high single leg, inside tAnd body locApprox. 40 min. #189101D Volume 3: Closing The Distance Defensive positions to cloApprox. 30 min. #189102D Volume 4: Take Downs For Grappling Elbow ties, bicep ties, elbow bicep combo, 2 on 1, hand fightAnd wrist control, set And moApprox. 45 min. #189103D Volume 5: Ground Fighting FA Wrestler’s Perspective Guard passes, escapes, single leg finishArm grag sweep, single to graAnd triangle to hip toApprox. 45 min. #189104D Volume 6: The Fight Clinic Fight clips, commentary, intervAnd training tiApprox. 40 min. #189105D

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