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Scott Rogers Authentic Pressure Point Series Titles – VOL 4


He AAttaiA 3rd Dan Black Belt in Korean Tae kwon do, 1st Dan Black Belt in Japanese Taijutsu. He Also cross trained in several otArts, most notably western boxAnd Wing Chun Kung Fu. Five volume titles to choose from. Volume 1: Fundamentals of Pressure PoinAAnd Set Ups This volume includes the most important points in the kyushojutsu system; the points of AAnd the legs. The most effectAnd practical points will be taught with the proAnAnd direction Activation. Explores how one point will weaAnother by teachAnd demonstrating specific combos designed to gain maximum controlAn opponent. Learn revival techniques which wAllow to reverse the damage being cauAnd training drills to deveAll the skills contained within the seriApprox. 48 min. #SCOTTD-001 Volume 2: Fundamentals of Pressure Points: Head, NAnd Torso This volume demonstrates the knockout power of the head nAnd torso pressure points. When Absolutely has to knAn opponent unconsciousness thAre the points to effectively get the job done. Combined with Arm and leg points,Armed with the knowleAnd skill to renAn opponent disabled or unconsciousnessAny self defense or combat scenarAll points will be demonstraAnd taught with proAngAnd directions needed for maximum results. Proper hand positions will be revealedAllow one to reAnd activate these poinAs wAs the teaching of proper revival techniques. Real knockouts includApprox. 52 min. #SCOTTD-002 Volume 3: Pressure Point Knockouts: SimAttacks In this volume learn real street worthy self defeAgainst common simAttacks ranging from grabbing to chokiAll techniqAre shown from multiAngAnd are broken down into their components which wAllow to easily master them wA bit of practiAll techniques will end in the knockoutAn opponAnd real knockout footage of the pointsAction will be includApprox. 46 min. #SCOTTD-003 Volume 4: Pressure Point Knockouts: MovAttacks with Sparring Tips This volume is for every pressure point fanatic! HowApA pressure point knockoutA real opponent who is resistAnd trying to take someone out. Not only learn how to knock An opponent durA punching exchange, Also learn three complete blocking systems to guarantee to knock him out before he knocks someone out. (Real knockouts includeApprox. 49 min. #SCOTTD-004 Volume 5: Pressure PoiAnd Grappling: Four Basic Positions In this volume learn how to enhance many hoAnd locks, some very unique pressure point takedowAs wAs unique pressure point methods for escaping the moAnd the guard positioAlso learn several ways to counter the infamous shAnd how to use pressure points to turn it to Advantage. If never grappled before these techniques will help to defend if ever in the unfortunate position to be on the groundA street fight. (Real knockouts includApprox. 34 min. #SCOTTD-005 VolumeAdvanced Pressure Point Fighting StrategiApprox. 52 min. # SCOTTD-V06 Volume 7: Fingertip PowApprox. 59 min. # SCOTTD-V07 Volume 8: Pressure Point Sticking HaAnd Other Two-Person DrilAprrox. 53 min. # SCOTTD-V08 Volume 9: HowAttack Pressure Points Using Kicking TechniquApprox. 47 min. # SCOTTD-V09

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