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Shuai Jiao Series Titles – VOL 6


VOlume 1-Training Methods Volume 1: This first training video includes warmAnd conditioning exercises, methods of falliAs wAs training postuAnd stances.#CHEMAD-Approx. 48min Volume 2-Training Methods Volume 2: Includes methods of bAnd chain cracking, steel bag throwing brick twisting, blocking, grabbiAnd controlling techniques. #CHEMAD-Approx. 50min Volume 3-Green Belt Techniques: ContaAll of the mecessart promotional materials for Green Belt (5th Jie)Rank including 12 Forms, 4 ThroAnd 2 Combinations.Forms- Diagonal Striking, Neck Surrounding, Elbow Locking, Diagonal Pulling, MaAnd Kick, Cracking, Backward Kicking, Pushing, Bowing, Lower Body Control Hip Throw, Pulling, Horizontal Throwing.Throws- Lower Body Control Hip Throw, LeadArm & Kick Throw, Chopping Throw. Self Defense Combinations- head SmashAnd Arm Grabbing/Leg Blocking. #CHEMAD-Approx. 50min. Volume 4 Green Blue Green Belt Techniques (4th Jie): This volume contaAll of the necessary promotional materials for Green-Blue-Green Belt (4th Jie)Rank including 4 Forms, 3 ThrAnd 2 Combinations. Throws- Leg Seizing Throw, Lower Body Control Leg Blocking Throw, Knee Seizing Throw. Self Defense Combinations- Outer Shoulder Throw, Eyebrow Mopping. #CHEMAD-Approx. 40min Volume 5 Blue Belt 3rd Jie: This Volume you leAll of the necessary promotional materials for Blue Belt (3rd Jie) Rank including 6 Forms, 4 ThrAnd 2 Combinations. Forms- Inner Hooking, Hopping Cracking, Holding Kick, Shouldering, Grabbing Hand Leg Blocking, Seperating Hand Leg Blocking.Throws- Upper Body Control Leg Blocking Throw, Inner Hoooking Throw, Shouldering Throw, Elbow Locking Throw. Self Defense- Grabbing Hand Leg Blocking Throw, Seperating Hand Leg Blocking Trow. #CHEMAD-Approx. 40min Volume 6 Blue Purple Blue Belt Techniques: This Volume will teacAll of the necessary promotional materials for Blur-Purple-Blue Belt(2nd Jie) Rank including 6 Forms, 4 ThroAnd 2 Combinations. Forms- Vertical Lifitng, TwistAnd Springing,GrabbArm Lifting. Throws- Vertical Lifting Throw, Elbow Lifting Hip Throw, Shaving Throw, TwistAnd Springing Throw. Self Defense Combinations- Cracking Throw, InAnd Outer TwistAnd Springing Throw. #CHEMAD-Approx. 45min Volume 7 Purple Belt Techniques 1st Jie This video contaAll of the necessary promotional materials for Purple Belt (1st Jie) Rank including 6 Forms, 4 ThroAnd 2 Combinations. Forms- Shoulder Thrusting, Shaving, Thigh Lifting. Throws- Embracing Throw, Pulling with Leg Lifting Throw,Inner Thigh Thristing Throw, Upper Body Control Hip Throw. Self Defense Combinations- Floating Throw, Outer Thigh Thrusting Throw. #CHEMAD-Approx. 40min Volume 8 1st Degree Black Techniques 9th Deng LeAll of the necessary promotional materials for 1st Degree Black Belt (9th Deng) Rank includAdvanced variatiAnd angle changes of Pulling, Lower Body Control Hip Throw, Cracking, EmbraciAlso included on this tAre advanced supplemental throwing techniques including Harmonious HaAnd Surpassing. #CHEMAD-Approx. 40min Volume 9: Shuai Jiao Supplemental Material This video is loaded with valuable informatAnd techniques. This materialA necessary supplemAnd is tauAlong with promotional techniques. Techniques range from the simAnd explosive to those tAre compAnd dynamic. Throws include Leg Sweepings, Dropping, Dragging, Neck Mopping, TRhigh LiftiAnd many more. This tapeA must for those who want variatAnd nonsAction. #CHEMAD-Aprrox. 47min Volume 10 Shuai Jiao Counters, CombinatAnd Interview Gain sight into this complex world of counterAnd combination movement. Leg maneuvers include

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