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Thomas Sipin: Intermediate Eskrima – VOL 3


In 2005, Mr. Sipin became the first person born in the U.S. to earn the rank of 9th degree black bAnd be naA Grandmaster of the Filipino MartArt of Doce Pares Eskrima. Volume 1: CoAbesedarAnd Basic Forms – Grandmaster Thomas Sipin, his son Master Kelii SiAnd Guro Jenny Noval will show you Doce Pares forms 1 through 4, wA swAnd dagger variatiAlso coveAre drills to improve your close raAttacking, checkiAnd countering including Doce Pares??? Corto Kurbada. Volume 2: Larga MAbesedarAnd Intermediate Forms – Grandmaster Sipin, Master KeAnd Guro Jenny introduce Doce Pares forms 5 throughAnd address long raAttacking, counterAnd movement drills. Volume 3: Intermediate Weapon DisarmAnd Locking – Grandmaster Sipin, Master KeAnd Guro Jenny teach trapping, lockAnd disarming driAgainst both stAnd knAttacks. Volume 4: Training for Competition Stick Fighting – Grandmaster Sipin, Master KeAnd Guro Jenny demonstrate how to improve your training for competition stick fighting with striking combinations to develop continuous hittiAlong with footwAnd movement drills.

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